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Alhamdulillah Amazing app

Mashaallah what a great job on this app I really love this app above my expectations and helps when youre on the go love love love it!❤️

Its an excellent app

Its the best app for collection of authentic Duas for the complete life of a Muslim.Its easy to access & share with others too.

Love it

MashAllah very easy to access all Duas! May Allah reward you and your families


Zazak Allahu khayran for this app


Excellent app

Maasha Allah

If you need a fortress of Muslim get this. No questions asked just get it.

Easy To Use

Very good app for those who want to learn the Dua of the Messenger of Allaah (SAW).

Very convenient

Very convenient and beneficial!

Best App- Easy to access duas for all occasions

A must download for every Muslim to use on a daily basis.

Best app

This is the best app Ive ever used. Its good for memorizing. Ill recommend this to anyone.

Easy to use

Probably the best way to keep up with your Duaas and quick to find.. Handy app & a must have.

Best dua app ever

I use this app to read my morning and evening duas, as well as before sleeping duas. This app is amazing. It organizes the duas so that they are easily accessible. Must have!

Best app

Very well organized. May Allah accept the effort those who did it.

Well Done!

Excellent app, easy to use, intuitive interface!

Love It!

This is a great App!


Nice and useful App Baarakallahu Feekum

Masha Allah !!!

Great App !!! Useful for Muslim. It would be nice to translate it into French, if you can. Barakallufikum.

May do better

Salam, This app need to be compatible with iphone 5 on iOS 7. Also the app icon need to be lifted according to iOS 7. Otherwise this app is awsome. Try it! Salam Im looking foward from u, developpers !

The best

The best app out there... So easy to use, few seconds to understand how it works! Really nice app for someone who doesnt speak Arabic!! Thanks for the hard work

Very great app

MashaAllah just amazing and polished app. Very convenient. I used to carry around the actual book this is much easier. Better than what I expected. If u charged big bucks for app I would still buy and recommend it. May Allah reward u for job well done.

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