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The best

Mashallah love it!

Love it!

Please code this for iPAD

MashaAllah please code this for ipad it would be amazing inshaAllah

Maa Shaa Allah

May Allah give you the best reward for making this app. Aameen

Mashallah Great App

Very well organized app with lots of duas. I have memorized many duas and knew its meanings as every dua is transalated in english. Every muslim should have it for daily use

Must have app to learn the daily adhkar

Definitely worth getting this app. Great for memorizing the daily adhkar

Greatest App

Ive had an iPhone for 3 years or so and this is the first app Ive rated. Its that good mashAllah

Mashallah great app

A must have to those who wants to be memorize day to day dhikr

Refered by a friend and i loved it

i never rate on apps but this is the first app that i feel like it deserves five stars...mashaAllah very educative ,easy and simple to use


Excellent app but need more duas from the Quran


What more awesome than having all the Duaas in the palm of your hands!! Amazing app. Mashallah


Mashallah what an app


Excellent Apps Masha Allah, may Allah reward you for your effort.

Great App MashaAllah!

This is a very useful app that can be used on a daily basis. It provides an easy interface to find duas on most topics. Worth having and sharing!

Excellent Dua book

Very useful n user friendly!!


Masha Allah I cannot explain how convenient and amazing this dua app is. Ive never seen any other dua app like it.


Excellent mashaAllah!


Very nice!


Awesome app! Very handy!!

Jazzakallah Khair

This app is so easy to navigate and so useful. Thank you for taking the time to create a mechanism that allows us and reminds us to make duas. May Allah bless you endlessly and make your path to Jannah an easy one.

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