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Great app

Very happy with it n its so handy for quick duas

Mobile Application Developer

A very powerful, yet easy to use app that helps a Muslim come closer to ALLAH by teaching dua from the authentic Sunnah. May ALLAH grant the compiler of the book, "Fortress of a Muslim" as well as the developers of this app Jannah, Ameen.


Taught me so many prayers. So thankful to the inventor of this application. May blessings follow..

Above expectations

Assalamualaikum,May Allah reward you immensely for your efforts. This app has a great user interface and the content management is wonderful. The developers are quick to reply to feedback. I would definitely recommend this app.


Greate App, maschaAllah. Here are some suggestion for the next Update: - Is it possible to give the whole Ahadith for every Dua and Dhikr? I always want to read the Hadith in wich the prophet s. teaches the Dua and Dhikr to have the context and to know more about it. - in some categories there are a lot of Duas, and it is overwelming to say them all, like the Dua and Dhikr morning and evening. so it would be greate to select wich Dua and Dhikr one should at least say. - A german version would be nice too, inschallah. Eid Mubarak!

Alhamdulillah! This is a great App!

Very beneficial

Excellent App

Just amazing. May Allah grants the creators Jannahtul Firdous

Fantastic App Mashaa Allah!!

I really love this app. I refer back to it all the time for any and all Duaas. I even used it while I was at Hajj. Sure beats having to flip through the little book. I love that you can listen to the recitation as well as read it. keep up the great work!

Best Dua app

This app does not only contain fortress of duas but has the audio for each one of them, also the reference or the daleel of the hadith(s) or ayah(s) where the dua is mentioned. To make it even better you will find comments of the muhadith scholars like Sh Albani rahimullah and many more scholars by each hadith they commented on. Best app for dua

#1 app

officially the best app i have in my phone! update for sharing via twitter would be awesome jazakallahu khayran

Great app

Masha Allah its a really good product. A job well done.

Must have for every Muslim

Best Islamic app on the App Store.

Thank you!

Really helpful app.

Best app ever!

Absolutely the best app for duas!!!!!!!! A must! The most useful app there is!!!! U r missing a lot If u do not have this.


Very convenient and easy to follow.

Best App Ever!!!!

This is a must buy app, truly gives you all duaas you need. Also has great translations and recitations. GET IT.

Must-have App for the modern Muslim

This app is superior in both design and function. Clean and aesthetically pleasing, it has all the Duas required in day-to-day life with not only the Arabic, the English, the translation, the transliteration AND recitation. Very well done. May Allah swt bless the developers with infinite blessings and ajar.


The best app for learning duas MashaAllah! May Allah reward the entire team with Jannatul-Firdous. Ameen!!

Great app!

Great user interface. Easy to use, well organized.


A must have for reference on the go

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