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Very professional Mashallah!

I was blown away by the experience of using this app for the first time. I am so proud to support such a blessed and talented developer. High quality execution with wide range of features, couldnt ask for a more pleasing app. Inspiring work Mashallah. *I should mention that there seems to be a graphics rendering stutter when scrolling the categories on my iPhone 6.

Changed my life!

This app is fantastic, filled with duas and their meanings, it is easy to go through my day with this tool by my side at all times. I just pull it out and I have the shopping dua, or if I have to make a decision- I can quickly read the istakhara dua. May Allah swt reward those who worked on this app.


Great app! Beautiful design, complete and easy to use. May Allah reward all those involved in making available. Ameen.

Very effective and nice app

I really like the audio. Its really a good app for a believer. May Allah(SWT) accept the effort who make this software.


Beautiful app. Well made and easy to use.

Awesome app

Awesome app! I have the hard copy booklet & now I have soft copy with the recitation! Alhamdulillah

One of the best apps on my phone

One of the best apps on my phone


Well done! Good app. Some duas are not showing though.

Awesome dua app, thanks!

Amazing app, best features are the audio of the duas as well as the references to sources. Kudos!

Amazing app! Recommended

Amazing app! Highly recommended

Very organized

I have the book, and this app organizes the duas very well using pictures for categories on the left side of the screen. Very easy to navigate and to establish more sunnah in ones life, alhumdulillah.

Love it!

Duas for all occasions!

Nicely organized

This is a nice app, all duas and supplications are nicely organized.

Download this!

Excellent app MashAllah. This is a good one for reverts and non-Arabic speakers. :)

Exactly what you need

Pull it out in any situation and have that wonderful feeling of knowing you are asking for help in the best prescribed way possible.

Wow wow wow!!!!

What a beautiful and well put together app! SubhanAllah!!!! I highly recommend this app to everyone!

Alhm love this app

Best dua app out there


Jazakum Allah khair. This app has been very useful and has helped me increase my duaa making, reflection, and memorization. Alhamdulillah. I have had no problems with it!

Beautiful App-- one Suggestions

Jazakallah Khair for this wonderful app. I do have one suggestion. The longer Duas are more difficult to learn for English speakers because the recording is being recited too quickly at times. 1. Can we have the option of adjusting the speed of speech(recitation), or the option to switch to a different reciter? Secondly, when trying to memorize a lengthy Dua it is easier to break the Dua down into sections to assist in memorization 2. Can we have the ability to listen to the longer Duas, on repeat, in smaller sections- as well as the larger(complete) Dua, to assist in memorization? Again! This is a very wonderful app, I use it as a resource regularly!! May Allah Award you all!! Ameen.

A Fortress

A must have app for every Muslim!

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